I heart Avocados update!

Remember how I posted here of starting an avocado tree from the pit? Well, that was about 2 weeks ago and already, my avocado pit looks like this:

 It has already cracked open!

The outermost "skin" dried up and peeled off, exposing the cracked pit.

It won't be long before the root will start growing out the bottom and the tree up through the crack.  I'll keep you posted every couple of weeks on it's progress.  I've probably changed the water in the glass about 4 times since I started growing my tree.  You'd be amazed at how fast the water is absorbed/evaporated!

Also, this is so off the subject, but I have to share that last night, the kids and I were in the car driving to my moms house.  And what comes on the radio??  "I Love You This Big,"  the first single from our newest American Idol, Scotty McCreery!  We I totally turned the volume ALL THE WAY UP and Tita and I blissfully sang our hearts out!  That was the very first time we have ever heard it on the radio and with the exception of Marko, we didn't care that the people stopped next to us at the stoplight were giving us strange, annoyed looks.  Marko wasn't too happy to be seen in the car with us while that song played, that's for sure!...

Hopefully, someday, Marko will be like Armando and just start listening to country music with Tita and I...Fingers crossed!


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