Tita's wildflowers..

About 6 weeks ago, Tita spent the day at my my mom's house and it turns out that they spent the day planting flowers at her house.  Tita L-O-V-E-S anything to do with flowers/planting/digging/watering.  She would be great at anything she decides to do, but I can see her studying horticulture as an adult.
Anyway.....she came home with two pots of dirt that she was so proud of.  She excitedly told me of how she had planted seeds of some sort of wildflowers and that they were going to be "beautiful!"  She carefully waters them every couple days and this is the result:

 I have NO IDEA what these are.  But they are so delicate and they mean a lot to me because my baby planted them and took care of them.  There are lots of different ones that haven't yet bloomed.  I'm anxious to see what they will look like!

Don't they look beautiful?   I'm so proud of Tita.  I love that we share the passion for so many of the same things.  She's awesome!
This is probably going to sound like a dumb question....but does anyone know what these little flowers are called?  Since I don't know, I just call them Tita's wildflowers.  I know....pretty lame huh!?

I will leave you with these pictures I took.  I took them about 10 days ago, but I thought it was beautiful and definitely worth posting. (:

The sun setting over the mountains is truly a breathtaking sight...
 Wow.  I'm so lucky to be able to see this everyday!
 God is awesome!

Hope you all have a blessed day..


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