Family struggles..

This week was very stressful because our extended family has been going through some really trying times.  I posted about my cousin Enrique having been diagnosed with cancer in his throat.  He had surgery Tuesday and God willing, the news we get from the doctor will be good news.  I grew up with Enrique and saw him and his brothers all of the time.  His dad is my uncle Joe, my absolute, without-a-doubt favorite uncle, which I have also posted about.  Well, after my uncle Joe passed, our family never saw the boys anymore.  I'm not sure why, but we just lost tough.  I finally saw Enrique about 6 months ago and we just picked up where we left off as kids (:  We have prayed so much for him. He tells me that he is very scared of his diagnosis, which of course, is understandable.

I also have another member of my family that is going through some incredibly sad and devastating times, along with her children.  I am not at liberty to go into detail about that situation, but I have also been praying for them so much.  God is good and I have faith that her problems will be solved. And soon.
As if that weren't enough, Armando and I had been struggling for quite some time with a very heavy burden in our hearts that we never should have had. We put all of our trust in God, like we always do and He answered our prayers, like He always does.

I don't know who reads this blog, or even if anyone reads this at all...(other than my daughter Tita, of course..), but if anyone is reading this, could you please say a prayer for my cousin and my other family members?  They really need them.
Please pray that God bring peace to their hearts and that they never feel as if they are struggling through their problems alone.  Because they are not.  We are supporting them with prayer and good thoughts.
Please pray that Enrique gains his strength back to fight this dreadful disease.  Please pray that his recovery is fast.
Please pray that my other family member and her children come home soon.
Thanks, and have a great weekend!   (:


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