Typical day at Casa Silva!

I am tHiScLoSe to finishing up my bathroom and laundry room!  I am SO excited!!!!!!  I will finish up in there by the weekend for sure.  I know, I know...I've mentioned it a few times, but..you know how life happens...  But this time, I really am almost finished!  I would have finished in there tonight, but with helping Armando outside, helping Tita give Peditos a bath because he had clumps of poop stuck to his butt..Yeah, that was pretty GROSS!  Funny story though:  like I said: I was outside helping Armando when Tita runs outside because the FOX I posted about yesterday was trying to nip at Peditos WHILE he's in the middle of going poop!!  Can you imagine?!  Peditos must have scared the fox though (even while pooping!), because I was able to see the tail end of the confrontation (pun totally intended!) and the fox ran away with it's huge tail between his legs.  Peditos kind of scurried over to us and at first, we thought he was injured because he was walking funny.  But thankfully, he wasn't.  He was walking funny because of the clumps of poop stuck to his bottom!  Anyway, with all of that going on plus making my family dinner--ok, so I technically didn't  MAKE dinner, but I DROVE THEM TO McDonalds!   That counts...right??!!  (:   Plus, I made a roman shade for my bathroom.  Yeah...I had a busy night!
So I will post pictures by the weekend.
Totally off the subject, but Marko has an appointment with the hygienist today to get his teeth cleaned.  The plan is for his braces to be taken off in 2 weeks!  Super excited about that!  I'll post pics of his beautiful smile as soon as all that hardware is off..

Oh and my cousin Gina and her family are coming down from Post, Texas for the 4th of July weekend!  We're excited!.............  I just hope she doesn't expect me to play Christmas music during her visit. HA!

Have a great Wednesday!


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