Hot Pink & Zebra

So you know how I love any DIY project?  Well, we've also got a little DIYer at my house...yep, Tita LOVES anything to do with crafts.  And she's off to a great start to a lifetime of projects she'll take on.  And I know she'll be awesome at it. I just want to brag on her for a bit and show you what she's done.  These projects are about 3-4 weeks old already, but I hadn't had a chance to post about them and they definitely deserve to be documented!

The first one is a small project she bought the supplies for from Michael's with her own money!  I remember we walked around the store while she decided on something she could make (all by herself) for her bedroom.  She decided a while back that she wanted her bedroom colors to be zebra and hot pink, so at first, she had chosen a picture frame that she could paint.  Then she put that back and moved on to the next project...until she saw exactly what she wanted.  She found the big letter G (for Gabriella, of course!) and she originally wanted to paint it until she found the sheet of duck tape in zebra print!  Boy, was she excited!  So she paid for her supplies was ready to go home and get started..

 First, she traced the letter backwards onto the back of the duck tape.

 Then she carefully cut it out of the sheet, removed the backing from the sheet and stuck it onto her letter!

 Then we moved, so she just a couple weeks ago was able to finish her chair.  I bought the chair off of Craigslist for $5 and it was UGLY!  I forgot to take the "before" picture before I ripped the nasty blue fabric off of it.  The "fabric" literally fell apart as I was carefully taking it off!  It ended up in little pieces as if it had been on the chair for 100+ years..  Take my word for was disgusting!  The frame of the chair looks black in these pictures, but it was actually a very dark blue.

 I originally wanted to sand the chair down before she painted it, but I wanted the imperfections to show through.
 Here's Tita painting her chair!

 Deep in thought....wait for it, wait for it..
There it is!  I knew she would eventually have her tongue out.  She always does this...while she's coloring, doing homework, drawing, PAINTING (:
 The only thing I helped her with was stapling the fabric to the piece of wood.  And that's only because she's not strong enough to handle the staple gun or she wouldn't have let me do that either!
 She did a beautiful job!
 It matches perfect with some pillowcases I made for her:

 And the pillow!
 As soon as I get a chance, I need to take that dresser out of her bedroom, and I want to make her some curtains and get her a zebra print rug.  Maybe I'll just show her how to work my sewing machine and she can make them herself!
I am so proud of her and her desire to DIY!  I love how that is something she and I can always share a passion for.  Growing up, I never had anyone to share that with because nobody in my family liked anything to do with crafts..neither did any of my friends, so I was always on my own for those types of things.  Not anymore!  God is good and He blessed me with my mini-me (:

 Have a fantastic evening!


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