Happy Father's Day!!

Well, I haven't written much on my growing up years, as far as my parents.  I don't know why, maybe because it was too painful....but since today is Father's Day, I think it's time.  Now, I wasn't raised in a traditional home with a mother and father.  I have a dead-beat dad.  I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but that is the unfortunate truth.  I was the the little girl that every school has...you know the one, the one that wears dress shoes without socks, even in the wintertime.    The one that has holes in her shoes.  The one with the wrinkled, too short pants.  The one that was homeless and lived in a car for about 4 months and had to get ready for school in a park bathroom.  The one that NEVER had her hair combed on picture day.  That was me.  And I didn't have a reason to be "that" girl.  My dad always had money.  Lots of money.  He owned a very successful construction company, a bar and a few semis that he had drivers for.  But still, I grew up so very poor that my mom didn't have money for the bare necessities.  She never did.   We struggled so much because my dad never cared enough to send his $25 a month child support.  I'm not kidding.  He certainly never went a year without buying that new car so he could "show off."   I certainly don't blame my mom for the way we were raised.   She did her absolute best.   My mom always worked jobs usually reserved for men.  Yep, I am damned proud of my mom and the fact that she raised me.  By herself.  She single-handedly raised me and my brother.  So this huge Father's Day salute goes to my mom.  She was always my mom AND dad.  She taught me strong work ethic, responsibility and how to be a mom.  And for that I will never be able to thank her enough.  Thank you Mom.  You are the best!  May God bless you and protect you always.  I love you.  More than you will ever know.  She will always have my upmost respect.
Here is my mom (and dad!)
 Here is my mom and Marko!
 This picture was taken when she went to pick me and Armando up at the airport from our trip to Puerto Vallarta.  The man in the picture is Sergio Goyri.  We happened to be on the same plane as him on our way to Denver.  He's a Mexican actor/singer and he was having a concert in Denver the next night.  My mom is his # 1 fan!
I must also salute my uncle Joe on this important day.  He was a very prominent father figure in my life.  I will love him forever.  He has passed now, unfortunately.  He was a GREAT man and God needed an angel and took him way too soon.  I love you Uncle Joe.  May you rest in peace.  Here are some pics of my Uncle Joe:
 This picture of my Uncle Joe is the day he got home from Viet Nam.  We are so proud of him!
 This is my Uncle Joe in the middle.  My uncle Pete is on the left and Uncle Paul on the right.

  My grandfather, Apa, was also very much a father figure to me. He was awesome!  I have so many memories of him.  Important, long-lasting memories.  I love you Apa.  Rest in peace.  This is a picture of Apa:

He was a short man, but a STRONG man.  He was smart and had a very heartbreaking childhood.  But he overcame those obstacles to become the man he was.  He was awesome...

Armando didn't grow up in a traditional home either, unfortunately.  I know that I haven't written much on Armando and his life growing up.  He is the second to the oldest of 4 kids.  My mother-in-law was also a single mother.  A very strong woman who single-handedly raised her 4 children and still had room in her home and her heart to adopt another.  Amazing.  She always worked very hard to provide food, shelter and clothing for her children.  And with all of the obstacles in her life, she still managed to provide a college education to Armando!  I will never understand how she did this, but she did.  Well, since Armando was raised with his mother and grandmother, he never had a father figure to help guide him and show him the ropes as far as what it means to be a father.  But she lovingly showed him, even though she was a woman, she showed him how to be a man.  A strong man.  And for this, I will always be grateful.  All of the kids love their dad.  He has somehow learned what it is to be a dad in every sense of the word.  Sot this Father's Day, I salute Armando, the father of my children.  The man I love.  Happy Father's Day babe!
Here are some pictures of Armando growing up:
 This is my MIL with Lola on the left, Armando on the right and Ignacia in front.

This is Armando when he was about 6!
Here is Armando as a young adult....hence, the hair! (:
 And this is Armando now...
 Here is a picture of my MIL.  She was mother and father to Armando and his siblings:
May she rest in peace.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Father's Day.  If you are fortunate enough to have had your father in your life, you are blessed.  If someone else stepped up to the plate and took over the "father' role in your life, like Armando and I, give that special person an extra tight hug today and tell them how much they mean to you. (:


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