Looking back..

I was recently unpacking a box and ran across old photographs.  And of course, I just sat on the floor looking through them for about an hour.  These are just some of them.  And they are NOT in any type of order.

This is moi when I was 6 months old.  I don't know how I was able to eat so much with that little mouth...but judging by my size, I managed just fine!  And I was obviously still wearing NEWBORN clothing!

 This is my kindergarten picture.  So I must be right around 5 years old.
 This is Tita during her First Communion.  The lady in red is her Godmother, Diana and that is Father Rocco.
 This would be Spiderman (aka Marko!)  His dad bought him the mask in Mexico and it was during the summer, which meant that Marko refused to wear shorts for most of that summer and he ALWAYS had the mask on.  It laced up the back of his head, so that meant that my poor baby was drenched in SWEAT for almost 3 months.
 And this is Spiderman sans the mask with Father Rocco at his First Communion!
 This is Laura on what I believe is the first time she EVER drove!  We were on a road trip; she was about 13 and I don't know she convinced us to let her drive....but we did!  She did awesome though.  I see Laura now with her little boy and I still picture her in my mind as a little girl..
 This is me with my cousin Manuel.  I was 3 (:

 This is Tita, Marko and Laura on that roadtrip I was talking about.  Tita was about 2, making Marko 3.  We had gone to Puerto Penasco, Mexico and this was on our way back home.  Marko was into dinosaurs BIG TIME, so he REALLY enjoyed this stop we made.  Not that you can tell by the huge smile on his beautiful little face...right?
 Tita and Marko being silly...
 I love this picture.(:
 This is at our little house we lovingly called "The Brown House." 
 This is when they were about 4 and 5.
 Easter 2000.  My baby was 1 and I was about 7 months pregnant with Tita.
 Laura in her high school days.
 I love this pic!
 And this next one...well this would be my ABSOLUTE, HANDS-DOWN, WITHOUT-A-DOUBT favorite picture of Marko and Tita.  Marko was 2 and Tita was about 9 months old.  I asked Marko to give Tita a kiss so I could take their picture.  I thought he was simply going to give her a little peck on the top of her head.....Instead, he GRABS her to kiss her and she was SO MAD as he planted a BIG KISS on her cheek!  Priceless!
 The next two pictures I just had to take pictures of.  We walked into the living room to find Peditos under the desk chewing away at something.  Marko looked a little closer and he said "Eww Tita is going to be SO MAD!"  He took it away from Peditos and it turned out to be her lipstick she bought LAST NIGHT to play dress up with.  I reminded her that she must have left it where he could get to it.  I felt terrible for her.  She used her own money for it and she paid $4 for it!  Hopefully, she'll remember to put her things AWAY!

So that was a peak into our past.  I LOVE looking at old pictures...especially of the kiddos.  I wish I could go back and have my children be toddlers again.  I know it sounds like a cliche, but seriously....WHERE DID THE TIME GO??


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