Little Red Riding Hood!

Well, since moving to the "country,"  we have seen our fair share of wildlife.  Everyday, we see tons of prairie dogs, rabbits, bugs, and fox.  Yes, even fox.  I had to share because it was thisclose! (ok...I zoomed my camera A LITTLE, but it was very close to us..)
 My what BIG ears he has... and he's looking RIGHT AT US!!!
 He has a HUGE tail too!!
I get so creeped out whenever we see these.  My biggest fear is that Peditos will run into one of them.  He won't stand a chance!  So we made sure Peditos was safe in the car (:
A story I saw the other night on the news made me realize I don't have much to complain about.  I heard of a lady in a small town about 10 minutes from my city had come FACE TO FACE with this:
 CAN YOU IMAGINE opening your back door to let your dog out and seeing a MOUNTAIN LION staring back at you??!! GA!  I'm not even kidding when I say that the mountain lion wouldn't even have to attack me.  I would die of a HEART ATTACK just seeing it in my backyard!!!!........................I guess I'll take a little old fox in my back yard ANY DAY!

So do you have predators right in your backyard?  It's pretty scary huh!  I can deal with the rabbits and the prairie dogs and even FOX...but anything larger than that I think would turn me into a hermit.  I would be too  scared to leave my house!  So what crazy animal have you discovered in your back yard??

Have an awesome Tuesday!!


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