Friday fun day!

Well today was really fun...  Me and my kiddos went downtown to the Blues Fest.  This event has lots of great music, food and fun!  Tons of people went and everyone had a really good time (:
Ivan was featured in front of our local art gallery: Doug's Hang Up.  He drew quite a crowd and he of course, put on quite a show.  We all watched him create one of his masterpieces while he danced away..
This is his canvas at the beginning:

 And this is his finished product.  He hadn't named it yet at this point.  He was throwing ideas around...he thought maybe naming it "Lost my keys"  or "Found my keys" but I think he was just kidding (:
 There's my pretty girl Tita on the left..
 And again..
 He did an amazing job and actually ended up selling it at the festival! Cha-Ching!  (:

This little girl had a front row seat and seemed to be having a really good time.....eating her lipgloss!! GA!....Judging from the 2nd picture, I don't think it tasted so good...

Here he is with his proud siblings..
We are all very proud of him!  I heard so many awesome comments from the people in the crowd.  People LOVE him!  He's become a local celebrity in our neck of the woods and he's managed to stay the same 'ol Ivan.  He has remained the same level-headed, respectful, good kid he has always been.  That's quite an accomplishment!

And on our way to the car, I still had my camera around my neck and I just had to take this picture of our court house.  Amazing architecture!
 And there's my baby (:
 My two babies!  So cute!
 Me and my loves (:

On our way home, we picked Armando up from work and went to the grocery store.  Tita L-O-V-E-S this particular store because it has "her size" shopping carts.  We always let her do the shopping and even do the "self-pay" registers all by herself.  So we got what we needed and as we were leaving, I couldn't help but run up ahead to wait outside to snap these priceless pictures: Bahahahahaha!!!!!

I think these photos of Armando are HILARIOUS!!!!!!! He hadn't even realized how funny he looked pushing this mini-sized shopping cart until I snapped the pictures!  He got some very strange looks from people in the parking lot, that's for sure!

So did you do anything fun today?  Or did you get caught looking ridiculously silly like maybe someone in my last two pictures did??  (:

I hope you have a blessed and relaxing WEEKEND!!!!!


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