Summer days..

This summer has been so incredibly HOT, so we've been staying indoors more than we'd like.  Well, at least during the very HOTTEST part of the day, it really is just too hot!
We've gone for 2 mile walks in the evenings, gone to the lake, or to the pool or to my mom's so the kids can play on the monster play equipment thing she has in her back yard.  Boy do the kids and even Peditos play HARD on that thing!  They take the hose up there with them and have a blast!  My kiddos even stayed overnight with their grandma last night because they just didn't want to come inside.  If my mom let them, they would probably play out there all night long!  Even Peditos wanted to stay at grandma's house, but we brought him home.  He moped for a while until he finally went to sleep underneath Tita's bed.  I'm sure he misses the do I.  ALOT.
OK, before I start crying  sobbing because my kiddos aren't home, I'll share some pics from the last week...(sigh!)
My kids wanted a Blizzard the other day, so we jumped into the car and went to Dairy Queen.  Did you know that my very first job was at DQ? It was!  And I was 12 years old.  Now, I'm talking MANY MANY moons ago! HA!
Anyhoo....Do you think my kids ordered a KID-sized Blizzard?  Yeah Right!

 Can you say Super-Size??!!
 Here's Marko with a MBF!  What is MBF you ask?  That would be a Major Brain Freeze!  oUcH!
 I love this kid!
And here is Tita with her Mega-sized Blizzard...Now, I love ice cream.  Like, to say that I love it isn't strong doesn't even come close.  I really love it.  Especially if it's chocolate ice cream.  But this size is just a bit much...
I was sure I would find these cups (about half-full) in my freezer later that evening, and I was right!
 You know how I posted of how the kids are both in middle school this year?  Well, Tita suddenly became very interested in her appearance...UGH!  I am so not ready for that...
but I caught my little beauty getting ready to fix her hair as though she were going to some major event, when in reality, we were going to King Soopers to buy a bag of ice!  I love my mini-me!

 And we found this in a rosebush that even a week ago looked as if it needed CPR bad!
 You can't talk about summer without mentioning.....Bubbles!!

 You know how you go to drink something
that sticks to the bottom of the you lean your
head back and tap the
bottom of the cup to help it out?
........And this happens?

 HA!  Don't 'cha just HATE when that happens? (:
 This was pizza & movie night!

Oh, you know how I've written of "visitors" we get at this farmhouse?  You remember...the mouse..a huge snake...windscorpions (we've found 5 by the way...)  And you know how I've told you that 99% of the time we end up killing and disposing of these visitors??
Well, I was sitting outside today and happened to have my camera with me because I was looking through the pics on my memory card when I saw this:

 Isn't he awesome??!!
And yes, he's sitting on a Christmas light bulb.  And no, we're not redneck enough to leave our Christmas lights up all year long.  These lights are actually strung back and forth from the house to a tree above our patio table. Although, I really am a redneck. And proud! Just ask Armando...he'll tell you!
Oh, and this visitor didn't cause me to scream and run for a weapon to kill it with....just in case you were wondering!

P.S.  I started this post by telling you of how much I missed my kids and I proceed to post lots of pics of them.  I understand exactly how Peditos feels right now...


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