Crazy 1st-day-of-school Week!

So I've totally been slacking on my blogging lately and I apologize, but I've seriously been so incredibly busy getting the kids and myself ready for school.  The kids' first day was yesterday and I'll admit that it was so difficult to drive away after having dropped both of my babies off at middle school.  It was very emotional for me. I suppose it affected me so much right then because of the simple fact that I am really finished with elementary school!  For me, that's a tough pill to swallow because that means that my babies really are growing up!
Here are pics of them before driving to school.  I, of course, wanted a pic of them in front of their school, but I refrained.  I remembered being that age and not wanting to look "uncool.'  Yes, I can actually remember that far back!
Tita told me after school of how my BFF Lori totally embarrassed her daughter Claire (which happens to be Tita's BFF) by taking pics of her AT SCHOOL! (:

My first day at the university is Monday.  Have I told you how excited I am?  Boy, am I!  Well, today was day 1 of a two-day retreat I attended for the amazing scholarship I was so blessed to receive.  I met so many amazing, strong women and the day was filled with fun activities, awesome food and great motivation.  We were given lots of goodies, including our shirts and our brand-new laptops (hence, the blogging I'm doing!)  Tomorrow's agenda includes more activities, a BBQ and Convocation and promises to be a very festive day.  I can't wait!
Here is a pic that my hubby took of me this week in front of the University Center.

That day will get it's own post because it involves Ivan and his experience as Keynote speaker at an event at my school!

This week has also been busy with last-minute shopping for a few things Marko and Tita needed before their first day at school.  I ended up buying these for me:
I l-o-v-e them!  Well, the hubs and Marko had gone to the car while I was paying for Tita's and my shoes, so as she and I were walking to the car, she yelled "Mom! Look at that 2-headed grasshopper!"  I just happened to have my camera with me.  Not kidding! I took a picture of the grasshopper:

I had to explain to Tita was that one grasshopper was simply giving the other a piggy-back ride..

And then today was my brother's company BBQ that he invited us to.  We went after I picked the kids up from school.  They had TONS of yummy food, 3 jump castles for the kids,  and the kids could have their pick from a huge selection of stuff that included balls, big water guns and even kites!  My kids each walked away with a water gun.
Here's a pic of Marko with his uncle Danny.

 Tita won one of the raffles they had.  Her name was announced and she was so excited!

 This is what she won (:

 Here are my kiddos on the jump castle:

We had a great time!  Thank you Danny for inviting us...I ended up not having to come home and make dinner!  Yay!
It's been an awesome week and I know tomorrow will be even awesome-r.    (:
My kids have been waking up around 5:30 am to give them enough time to get ready for school without being rushed.  That means that by 7:30 pm, they are so ready for bed.  They're asleep by 8!
So there's our survival story from this crazy, wonderful, beautiful week.  I pray that God bless and protect my children always!

Have an awesome weekend!!


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