Change is pretty darned good sometimes!

I started classes at the university on Monday.  I changed my major to journalism with a minor in legal studies and I was excited for the change because journalism was always where I wanted to be.  My attempts to get the classes I wanted weren't really working out the way I had hoped.  I ended up with two classes I really wanted (and needed), so that was ok.  I wasn't having much luck on the other classes though.  From the very beginning, I really wanted to take a French class.  I can't give you a specific reason for wanted to learn French because I have none, it is just something I have always wanted to do.  But they were all full.  I emailed the instructor to see if there was a chance of getting in, to no avail.  So I picked some other credits that I needed and resigned myself to make the best of my schedule and go to each class with a positive attitute and try my best at every single class.

I got to class first thing in the morning on Monday, signed in and found a seat.  I was excited to see Brittney in my class.  I just met her last week during the retreat I attended for the Stryker Institute, which is from where I was awarded my scholarship!  I really don't think she actually walks on the ground like the rest of us.  She's so darned cute and bubbly and sweet that I think she just kind of floats around in her little bubble of happiness!  I'm not kidding!  So Brittney comes to where I am to say hello and gives me a hug (of course!) and tells me that she'll look for me the next time the class meets so we can sit together.   She reminds me so much of Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials...  Anyway.....  Right after the professor introduced herself, I found out that I needed to change my schedule after all.  Apparently, History of Music doesn't have a prerequisite, but the professor did not recommend taking her class until you took another class... (?)  I didn't make sense to me either, but I was actually glad because my first class choice was definitely NOT History of Music.  I really wasn't feeling it.  At all. Like I said, I only chose it because I needed credits from that category.  So to find out that I probably shouldn't take it did not disappoint me one bit.
I had 2 hours before I needed to be at my next class, so I ended up having time to drop the History of Music class and add a FRENCH class!!  I was super excited!  The only thing with the French class was the fact that I needed to take an additional online French class at the same time.  I immediately decided to go for it.  That decision put me at 14 credits for this semester. (:
Now, I need to clarify something:  I have never ever in my lifetime taken a foreign language class before.  Ever.  Soooo....imagine my surprise when I walked in to my French class today and realized that the ENTIRE class in taught in...what else?.....FRENCH!  Yeah!  I think my professor spoke a total of maybe 8 words of English during the E-N-T-I-R-E class!  Yeah!  And even while writing on the board, it was 100% French!  Oh, and one thing I haven't mentioned?  My class meets every day except Thursday!  I will admit that for approximately the first 15 minutes of the class...I panicked!  My thoughts were "What the HELL did I get myself INTO??!!"
I think I felt so completely lost because not only did I not understand ANYTHING, but since it was my first day, I didn't yet have my book to be able to follow along.  I now have the book, so things are ok.
I'm pretty certain that with having class every day except Thursdays in addition to having to do work online, I will learn enough to be able to carry a conversation or maybe even write a letter by the end of the semester...right?!
One more thing I want to include in this post is that my husband's day off was today.  So what did he do?  He cleaned the entire house by himself!  He decided to help me because he wanted me to relax today because I have been so sick because it is allergy season here and it got me  BAD.  Marko and Tita are both suffering from this stuff too.  And I hate it.  I feel so bad for them and would gladly take their suffering anyday if I could.  So anyway, the hubs wanted me to only focus on school and getting better, so he did all of that.  Oh, and he made dinner last night!  It would have been easy for him to have made sandwiches for dinner, but he made some amazing green chile! Yum!  I so appreciated it!
And as if THAT weren't enough, he washed the car for me and went to fill the car with gas.  Then he comes home with this:

 Arent they beautiful???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!

 There were roses in LOTS of colors!  some were white, others were mauve, there were a few red ones, yellow, and even orange!

I know I have posted lots of pictures of the dozen and a half (!) roses he gave me.  But they meant so much to me.  I LOVE them!  and they really brighten up my house.

Very sweet!  I'm a lucky girl!

Merci Babe!  I love you!


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