JibJabbing Friday night!

Ok, I must clarify that I really don't understand this whole Bieber Fever thing our young girls "got" going on.  Ya think maybe it's something similar to the Bee Gees/Andy Gibb/Leif Garrett/David Cassidy craze from my era??..... Probably.  And I'm not going to reveal my age.  I just won't go there.  I'll let you do the math (:

Well, I was surfing the web last night because I was reading the updates on Hurricane Irene and came across a website that allows you to add your pic to one of their videos so you essentially "star" in it.  I had fun looking through the choices and of course chose this video!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

My Tita absolutely has a bad case of BF and I know she will love the video. (:

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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