Planting Mutt & Jeff!

Today was a good day. It was Armando's day off; I had my French class this morning (which is going tres bien, merci. (My professor would not be too happy with me for writing that without the accent over the e in tres, but I don't know how to do that on my laptop...) and then I had a class at noon. I got picked up at school and we raced home because Dell's computer tech was coming over. The generous scholarship I was blessed with also included a laptop (!) and I've only had it about a week and kept having problems with the mouse not working. So the tech came and replaced it.
This evening, Tita helped me plant my avocado trees in potting soil.  Here is the post of the day I started the trees from the pit.  It was definitely time!  The roots were growing like crazy and were really running out of room in the cups they were in.

This is a view of the "small" one from the top.  It has grown so much!

I love my trees!

See how crazy the roots are growing??

I planted the pit with the toothpicks still attached.

Lovin' that rich green color of the leaves!

Tons of roots!

 I planted them so that the pit was about 2 1/2 inches under the soil and then just added more soil to the top and pressed lightly on top of the where the pits were.

And I planted them both in the same pot.  And then I watered them pretty good.  Now, I will only water them about every 4-5 days.  They really grew fast!  I planted them on June 4th and already they are bonafide TREES!!

I will close this post with these pictures of a rainbow we had today.

Ok, Everyone that knows me knows how I always have my camera closeby.  Well, I actually had someone call me today to tell me that we had a magnificent rainbow outside just to the East, and they thought to call me to tell me of the rainbow because they thought i would probably want to take a picture of it!  How sweet is THAT?!

They were right....I grabbed my camera and went outside (:

 I only wish I could have captured the complete rainbow, but it just wasn't there.

Oh, BTW....Where in the world did August go??  Am I the only one shocked that we're a day away from September?!

God bless!


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