Tita you are so special!

Ok, I just had to share what happened to me recently.  I was driving to the gas station with Marko and Tita with the radio turned down low.  Tita tells me that she wants to dedicate a song to me and suddenly yells "Honey! Turn the radio UP!"  So I did. (My kids call me Honey, BTW.  I don't know why, they just did/do.  :)
This song came on and she sang it to me....pretty loudly.  The song is by Bruno Mars and it's called "Just the Way You Are."  And my baby sang it to me.  Her beautiful voice singing me this song was so incredibly special.  Something I will never forget!......And I had tears in my eyes because it meant so much to me.
Here is the video.  I hope you enjoy it. (:

I, of course, thanked her.  As best I could.  But I want need to document this special event in my life because it was definitely an event, and it was the sweetest, most precious gift I had received from my beautiful daughter.  Other than the fact that she decided to be born on MY birthday.  Yeah!  She was actually due on May 17th.  That was the day my C-section was scheduled for, but Gabriella had other plans.  She wanted to give me the most special gift- her arrival, on my birthday!
I love you my beautiful girl!  More than you will ever know.  And thank you for making this momma so proud of you always.
And Tita, YOU are the amazing one.  Just the way YOU are! Muah!


Honey  (:

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