Like father, like son..

For those of you that don't know us Silvas personally, we are huge movie buffs.  Seriously.  We have a huge DVD collection that we add to quite regularly.  We have so many that are so dear to our hearts that I honestly cannot pinpoint our absolute, most favorite one of all.  Well, one of those favorite movies for us is definitely Dumb & Dumber.  Nobody in the world but Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels could play the parts of Harry and Lloyd so perfectly.  And we've probably watched that movie at least 200 times over the years.  Not kidding!  One of our favorite scenes in the movie is of course, Harry and Lloyd's rendition of Mockingbird.  Here is the video:

That scene is genius and very much a classic!

Well, yesterday, I was watching TV at my mom's house when Marko comes barreling into the livingroom and plops himself down next to me and excitedly shoves one of the earpieces from his headphones into my ear.  He was just so darned happy as he pushed the play button on my mom's MP3 player.  His eyes were twinkling as he flashed his most beautiful smile and he seriously could not contain his excitement!  He had been laying down, flipping through the songs my mom had downloaded and he came across, what else?  The original Mockingbird song! 
Here is the original James Taylor and Carly Simon:

Marko told me that he hadn't realized that it was an actual song! He thought it was just a recording made for the movie. It was so fun for me to watch him in his "Aha" moment.  He made my day!  I love you silly boy!
Oh, and just for the record:  My hubby apparently thought the same as Marko! Those Silva boys are too funny!!

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