Loveland Lake!

This last weekend was fun.  Sunday was a beautiful summer day and we went to the Loveland Lake!  The lake is right smack in the middle of the city and you can either go to the beach area or to the grassy area.  Peditos was with us and since dogs aren't allowed on the beach area, we really didn't have a choice but to head to the grassy area.  It suited me just fine, because since he IS a part of our family, we like to include him in on our activities as much as we can. 

 The kids asked for a paleta as soon as we got there..

 The water was so warm!!
 And Peditos jumped right in..
 He was a natural!

 After about an hour of swimming and playing in the water...he was WIPED OUT!!

 Tita came out of the water with a leaf stuck to her forehead!
 After Peditos took a nap, he went right back into the water..

 Oh, and I just HAD to take a picture of the boy with the bubble butt!  Everyone laughed at him and he even caught me taking a picture of him..
 And we got soaked everytime Peditos came out of the water.  He'd walk right over to us and SHAKE off!!!
 Me and the hubs..

 Marko and Tita then ganged up on their dad to try to throw him in..

 They succeeded!

 Then it was Marko's turn..

 We got dressed and headed on over to the play equipment..
 So the kids can play..

  yep...ALL of the kids (:

 Then we tried to take a picture of all of us.  So I set the self-timer and ran to the slide.  Right about this time, Peditos decided to stand right in front of the camera..
 So I moved him and set the timer AGAIN.
But this time, some random little boy started running across...and decided to stop....YEP, he also decided to stop running right in front of the camera too!
 Please excuse the poor quality of these pictures...I must have closed the flash when I ran back to the camera....

 We had a very long, but fun day.  We were exhausted and HUNGRY!!  Qdoba was PERFECT before heading home..
 So that was our Sunday.   And we enjoyed it very much! We are so fortunate that we have such a beautiful lake near our home.  We haven't been able to go to the mountains this summer because of the flash-flood warnings, but that's ok....we'll head to the mountains this winter to sled (:


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