I believe everyone has, at one time or another, gone through some hard family and I definitely have!  Certain times are harder than others to get through, but we've always relied on our faith to help us to get us over that "hump."  God is good and we've always managed to overcome whatever it is we are struggling with.  For example,  I posted recently about my cousin that was diagnosed with throat cancer.  At the time he was diagnosed, he was engaged to a beautiful woman.  Many people in her place might have changed their minds about getting married to someone with a terrible disease such as his...or perhaps they might think that they themselves aren't strong enough to offer support to someone facing such a grim prognosis....OR.. they are determined to help the person they love fight the disease....  This is exactly what she decided to do....She married him right after the diagnosis.  What an amazing lady!   My cousin would keep me updated on his doctor appointments and he would let me know how he was feeling after each procedure and such, and he was extremely scared..literally for his life!  I would always include him in my prayers.  Well..he let me know this week that his doctor had finally received the results from his procedures and had been able to determine that the lymphoma was stage TWO and that he would be cured in 4-5 months!  How wonderful is THAT?!  I am extremely happy for them and wish them many, many years of health and happiness!  God is good!
Something else that is wonderful is that my cousin Cindy's beautiful granddaughter Aubre was born this week!  I know that babies are born every day and each one is very special...but baby Aubre is a true miracle.  You see, Aubre's mommy was very ill as a child and ultimately ended up needing a liver transplant.  She received the transplant some years ago and has done as well as can be expected with it; however, the pregnancy, as you might expect, was high-risk.  Christina (Aubre's mommy) had been hospitalized 10 hours away from home for a few weeks because of her liver.  She was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital and go home to prepare for Aubre's birth....but Miss Aubre wasn't going to wait.  She was born this week and she is so very tiny, but she's healthy as can be and I expect her and her mommy to be coming home very soon.  Again..God is good.  May God bless little Aubre and her family always.. (:

I also have a few people that I am close to that continue to struggle with their problems....  They know who they are..  I pray that God help bring a solution to their troubles very soon- and bring them happiness and peace to their hearts.

Before I hit my "publish post" button...I want to share a picture I took last night of our beautiful Colorado night....And I may or may not have climbed a very high ladder to get this shot...I'll never tell:

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!


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