Fabric bucket

The latest creation my Brother and I made is probably my favorite so far.  If anyone has spent any amount of time over on Pinterest, you've probably seen those fabric buckets that are so versatile and just, well, fun!
I saw one a couple months ago at Target that I was thisclosetobuying, but decided that I was too cheap to spend $30 on it when I could just make it myself.

This is the one I made:

 I had two placemats I bought on clearance for a $1.50 at Target about a year ago, and they were perfect!
I just cut the bottom 3" off lengthwise to make the handles and sewed the two placemats together.  I then quilted some fabric together for the lining and had it all finished in a couple hours.
The hardest part in making it was measuring the fabric for the bottom.  A dinner plate was too small, so I had to improvise.  I ended up having to trace one of my large frying pans that ended up being the perfect size! (Wish I were kidding.)  Hey, just keeping it real...

 They would make great gifts for any occasion, such as a baby shower, and gift it filled with a pack of diapers, some onesies, wipes, and a stuffed animal.
They can be used for towels, yarn, quilting materials, or toys.  The possibilities are endless.

I think I'll put one under my bathroom sink to store rolls of toilet paper, or maybe I'll put it in Marko's room so he can store his guitar magazines.

The best part? You can make them in any size you need.  (:

I plan on making quite a few more to give away.

And making it myself ended up only costing me $3!  Not bad.  Not bad, at all!

Oh, and I need to remember to make a trip to Joann's to buy a compass so I can take my frying pan out of my fabric bin! (:

Have an awesome Friday!!

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