Turn the other cheek!

I've mentioned how Gabriella loves make-up and actually is the go-to person for any make-up tips, etc. for everyone that knows her personally.  I mean, this girl really knows her stuff!  She's like a walking, breathing, make-up encyclopedia; she spends most of her allowance on make-up, and has quite an impressive collection of make-up now.

Well, recently, her godmother went with me and Gabriella to Sephora, which, by the way, is Gabriella's absolute favorite store and she was amazed, AMAZED at Gabi's knowledge in beauty products.  Even the saleswoman and the manager commented on how they loved listening to Gabi explaining everything to her godmother.  I'm sure they also loved the fact that Gabi's sales pitch resulted in her godmother making a good-sized purchase (:

Since Gabriella is only 13, i allow her to experiment with all the make-up she wants at home, but she knows that once school starts, it's only mascara and lip gloss, even though she knows how to apply make-up better than most adults!
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I received a coupon from Victoria's Secret in the mail and Gabriella asked me if she could have it.  I remember I was loading the dishwasher and I didn't pay too much attention to the coupon, but I heard her say that it was for some free blush with a bra purchase, and of course, she was pretty excited about it.  I thought it was odd to give away blush for buying a bra, but I was busy, so I quickly forgot all about it.

Last week, she was going to ask me if I would take her to VS to get her free blush, and was crushed because she discovered that the coupon had expired the day before!  I got the coupon from her to check the date myself and started laughing so hard I may have even snorted!
The coupon stated that it was for a free Cheekster, which, at VS, is this:

(Via Google)

I literally laughed so hard my cheeks hurt!  Hahahaha...Pun totally intended(:

Gabriella laughed too and said "I hate VS!...that was SO misleading!!"

My daughter's definition of cheeks is clearly much different than VS's!!

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