First snow of 2012!

We got our first snow this week and this of course, means great photo ops!
These are just a few I've taken:

I let Peditos out to go potty and he just couldn't resist running through the snow.  Of course, this meant a nice hot bath for him as soon as we came inside..

Funny story with this picture above:  This is in my backyard and the yard is flat, except for probably the last foot where it slopes down to the fence.  Well, since I was so intrigued with the leaves, I forgot about the stupid slope.  I literally SLID down that foot of slope and was so worried about my camera falling into the snow!  I had it hanging from my neck, but with me falling in the snow, it still could have ended up also in the snow.  Anyway, as I was sliding/falling down the slope, I'm hanging onto the camera instead of breaking my fall, so this of course, resulted in me landing on my butt and barely missed landing on my dog.  But 'lo and behold, the camera was saved!!  I was so grateful for the privacy fence because I would have been so embarrassed if my neighbors had actually caught a glimpse of me at my most graceful moment ever..

I also want to thank those that sent me their email addresses.  I'm still trying to figure out how to do it. HA!  Hopefully, I'll have it figured out soon.

Have a beautiful day!

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