Just a Silva-kinda day (:

Ok, so this post is about something that happened to Gabriella the other day that I literally laughed so hard about that my face hurt!!

Last week, she had her best friend Xochitl (pronounced soul-chee) spend the night on Saturday.  The girls watched movies, played games, ate pizza and munchies to their heart's content and giggled all night long.  Normal 12-year-old sleep-over behavior.
Well, Sunday, the girls were in the family room watching the rest of their movie from the night before and when it was over, Gabriella apparently got on the treadmill.  And put it on HIGH.  And climbed on.

I wasn't in the family room, so this is what Gabriella told me.  The girls were laughing so hard they had a hard time explaining it to me, but Gabriella said she fell to her knees almost immediately after getting on it and that she didn't have a choice but to run on her knees really, really fast because, remember I told you she had put it on HIGH??!!


Well, Xochitl turned it off (Thank goodness!!), but after about 15 seconds because she could not stop laughing.  She had tears in her eyes and was slapping her knee as she told me about it... so she didn't immediately stop it.  But Thank God she stopped it before my baby was hurt!  And since she wasn't hurt, the two girls and I laughed our butts off.

Here are the two pretty girls:

All these pics were taken AFTER the treadmill misadventure, so you can see my baby is just fine (:

These kind of misadventures are definitely Life, Silva style!

Have a fantastic weekend and God bless. 

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