14 Birthday wishes

October 27, 2012

Today is your 14th birthday!  Even though it's been 14 years since you were born on that beautiful Tuesday, I still vividly remember how I held you, gazed into your beautiful eyes and fell in love like never before.  I could not believe God had finally answered my prayers and blessed me with a perfect miracle baby of my own.

I counted your fingers and toes and promised you I would always love and protect you.  And I always will.  My love for you will never falter.

Son, my 14 birthday wishes for you are:

1. First and foremost, that you continue following God's path.  Respect others (especially women), but more importantly, respect yourself;
2. Be happy;
3. Never give in to peer pressure.  I would be naive to think you will never be faced with this, but I pray you stay true to yourself and love yourself enough to stand up for what is right;
4. Keep being a kid as long as possible.  You have plenty of time to be an adult with adult responsibilities.  I promise.;
5. Be happy;
6. Dream BIG.  Dream HUGE. And follow your dreams.  You are amazing and I know you can reach those dreams!
7. Never stop serenading us with the beautiful music you magically and easily learn on both the guitar and the keyboard.  You are so GIFTED;
8. Have fun;
9. Never allow anyone to dull your sparkle;
10. Never lose your beautiful sense of humor.  It's awesome;
11. Never, ever give up.  Ever.;
12. Always remember you are so loved;
13. Never forget that you can count on me for any problem you face.  No matter how big or small it may be.  Always;
14. Always remember how amazingly important you are.

Marko, I love you more than you could ever know.  And I am so proud to call you Son.

Happy Birthday mijo!!



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