Adios October!!

Today is November 1st and there probably isn't anyone on the planet happier than I am at the fact that October is gone.  So happy, in fact, that I did a little happy dance as soon as I got up!  Yep, I sure did.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

You see, October is always extremely busy for my family because (are you ready??!) my son, step-daughter and step-son's birthdays are all in October, not to mention Halloween (!)  As if that weren't enough, my husband and I AND my step-daughter all decided to get M-A-R-R-I-E-D in October.  Yeah, crazy.  There isn't much you can do about choosing a birth month for your child, but with twelve months to choose from to get married, you would think we would have chosen a different month.  Any other month, but we didn't.  So, the entire month is a whirlwind of activities, balloons, sugar-highs and singing the Happy Birthday song more times than most people do in their lifetimes.  

Oh, and this October also included an ear infection, my four midterms and a 5-page report I had to do, two photo-shoots, and I helped my mom paint a room and move furniture.  I was wiped out by last night.  So much so, that we got home about 9:30ish from trick-or-treating and I literally walked in, took my shoes off, and passed out, fully clothed, on the couch.

But since it's November now, we can finally take a deep breath and return to some normalcy.
That's why I officially signed up for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)!  What is that, you ask?  Well, basically, all you do is commit to blogging a post every single day of November.  Sounds awesome, right? 
You can link up to this blogging party too by going here.  Oh, and don't forget to get your badge (like mine on the right sidebar.)  I'm looking forward to it because a) I love to write, and b) you can write about anything you like, just like I've always done.  Win-Win situation.
You can even win prizes for blogging, which is always nice.

Have a great day!  And since I'm very committed to this, I will sign off like this all month:

Until tomorrow (:

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