I love you Daylight Savings Time!!

I am so thankful I live in a place that practices Daylight Savings Time.  Well, let me rephrase that:  I love the idea of turning our clocks back an hour.  I am NOT, however, a fan of losing that extra hour of sleep in the Spring, but we don't have to worry about that for a few more months.

Right now, it is time to Fall back.  And I l-o-v-e it.  An extra hour of beauty sleep never hurt anyone, right?  Is it weird that this "falling back" thing is so easy to adjust to, but in the Spring when we have to change the hour forward, my body just refuses to adjust to that lost hour?  I'm serious!  Even a month later, I'm running late and I'm still blaming the stupid hour change.  Happens every time.

Big time hugs and kisses to George Vernon Hudson for thinking up the idea of gift-wrapping that precious, extra hour of sleep for me.  Well, at least that's what Wikipedia tells me.  (Just don't tell any of my journalism professors I actually Wiki'd my information because the very first thing every one of my professors tells us jmc students is "Never get your information from Wikipedia.

Like..... Ever."

Totally ala Taylor Swift (:

Don't forget to change your clocks back an hour.  It's important.

Until tomorrow! xo,

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