Fat Tuesday

We stopped at Sam's Club tonight because my hubby was craving muffins again.  That man just LoVeS Sam's muffins!  I'll admit I like them too, especially the Poppyseed ones.  Seriously, have you ever had a Poppyseed muffin from Sam's?  If you haven't, you are missing out Big Time.  They are the best!

Sam didn't have any of the Poppyseed ones, which is for the best because if there were some, well...I would eat them.  Yes, them.  Plural.  (:

So the hubs ended up getting another type of muffins.   I was secretly happy about the fact that there weren't any of the Poppyseed ones because I've been trying to be very good and cut down (like, way down) on junk food.  We grabbed the muffins he chose and we were ready to pay.

Well, apparently Sam's people didn't get the memo of my attempt at willpower, and they strategically placed my favorite pie in the whole world right next to said muffins (!)
Anyone that knows me personally will know of my love for pumpkin pie and they will also know that any iota of willpower instantly disappears at the sight of pumpkin pie, like, GONE.

Come on now, doesn't this look delish??:
(via google)

Okay, okay...if you'll notice, the picture above isn't really a picture of our my pie.  Can you believe I actually had to resort to downloading a picture online because, well because I didn't even have the willpower to take a picture of the pie before tearing into it.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, yes, my piece of  pie also had the dollop of whipped cream on top...

Until tomorrow (:

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