Taste Test Fail

Growing up with my single mom and having a dead-beat dad meant growing up dirt poor, which meant very meager grocery shopping.  I could literally tell you exactly what my mom bought every. single. week. :
fideo (vermicelli)
2 pounds of ground beef
a half-moon shaped sharp cheddar cheese
a couple cans of tomato sauce
instant oatmeal
and a box of corn flakes.

No joke.  We never bought any junk food whatsoever.  No cookies, chips, marshmallows, bread (PB&J?  or ham & cheese sandwiches?)--well, that was moot also because...well, because we never bought the peanut butter OR the jelly.  As far as that goes, we also never bought the ham or the sliced cheese. (:
Once in a great while, my mom would let us kids "splurge" and she'd allow us to buy a jar of applesauce to share.  I wish I were kidding.
However, the whole time I was growing up, us kids never complained.  Ever.

Now that I think about it, I'm sure our meager grocery shopping trips contributed to us kids and my mom never having a weight problem! We were never raised to "snack" on anything and only ate during meals.
This, of course, meant pop (soda), Kool-aid and any other fruit-flavored drink was not in our diet either.  Weird?  Perhaps.  But since we never had it, we really couldn't miss what we'd never had, right?

The only time we ever drank pop was whenever we would travel to Texas or Wisconsin with my grandparents.  And it was usually for a funeral.  We never got a vacation, so travel was never for a "fun" reason.  Anyway, during these trips when I would drink a pop, I would choose a "kid" flavored one such as grape, strawberry, etc.  I would see the adults drink Coke.  Oh, and during these trips, we got to eat bologna sandwiches during the entire trip (:  Us kids loved it because we never got to eat it at home.  Yeah, we grew up that poor.

All of that to get to this part of my post:  I never really aquired a taste for pop, until I started dating.  Anytime a boyfriend I had would take me out to eat, I would end up drinking a pop with my meal and let me tell you, I got used to it pretty quickly.  But I never liked the taste of Coke for some reason.  It was just too strong for my taste.
My mom still never really cares to drink pop, but if she does, she likes Coke.
Well, my classmates and I were recently subjected to a taste-test in my advertising class.  My professor took us all to another classroom where 4 unlabeled small cups of pop were placed on the conference table at each seat.  We had to try to identify the pop and decide which we liked better.
Cup 1 was ok for me; cup 2 was better; cup 3 was horrible (!) and cup 4 was not so great.  We later found out what was in the cups:

Cup 1: Store-brand cola
Cup 2: Coke
Cup 3: Coke Zero
Cup 4: Pepsi

So apparently I liked Coke the best from my four choices.  Which makes sense, because for some reason, for the last 3 months, I have been addicted to Coke!  I'm not sure how that even happened because I never liked the taste of Coke in my entire life.  Until 3 months ago.  Oh, and not just any ol' Coke will do.  It has to be McDonald's Coke.  And it doesn't help that one of our city's 14 McDonald's is half a block away from my house.  I really cannot drive by McDonald's without pulling out that $1.06 it costs for a large Coke.

Ok, back to my story: After we took our taste-test, my professor asked who preferred cup 1, cup 2 and so on.  I was one of 2 students that liked cup 2 (Coke.)  Surprisingly, the majority of the students preferred cup 1 that contained the store-brand cola.
The professor asked the class why hardly anyone liked cup 2 (Coke.)
Their response?

"Because Coke is what old people drink."


Would it really surprise you if I told you that the only other student that preferred Coke is also a non-traditional student like moi?

Until tomorrow!

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