Unbelievable day.

What an incredibly horrible day it has been.  It began with a very early phone call from my cousin  telling me my dad had passed away.
I didn't have the greatest relationship with my dad, but this doesn't mean I didn't feel terrible at hearing of his passing.  I had a very heavy heart all day.  I hadn't even have time to completely process that news when I walked in the door after picking the kids up from school and my phone was ringing and I ran to answer it.  My cell phone broke earlier this week, so nobody can get a hold of me unless they reached me on my house phone or by email or Facebook.  So I ran to the telephone and it was my husband telling me my cousin's daughter Christina had just passed also and I completely broke down.  I had been hanging on to the hope that she would recover by some miracle; begging God all day, every single day for a miracle, but it just was not to be.  Her death is especially hard for me to accept because she was only 23 years old and she was a mommy to a beautiful year-old baby.  Life is so unfair.

And as if that weren't enough, one of my dad's cousins also passed tonight.  He'd also been very sick.

I have been a mess all day and my heart just aches.  Three members of my family on my dad's side have all died on the same day.  What are the chances?
Coincidently, today also marked the anniversary that my aunt Connie passed away last year.

You can imagine how devastated my family in Texas must be.  Please keep us in your prayers.  We need them so badly.

Rest in peace Christina, my dad and cousin Lupe.

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