Tony the Tiger and Jalapeños

We are getting dumped with snow today and it is really cold outside!  It was foggy and rainy when we left our house, but just a couple hours later we are having a full-blown blizzard.

We stopped to see my mom on our way home and even though we were only in her house for about 40 minutes, we came out of her house to find our car b-u-r-i-e-d in the snow.  Even with all the experience I have of driving in blizzards, I was a little nervous on our drive home.  I don't mind driving in snow at all, but you just never know who else is on the roads with you, you know?

Something I saw today that was very unusual was while we were at the grocery store.  Gabriella was helping me in the produce department when I saw this woman holding her baby-dressed as Tony the Tiger (oddly, this wasn't the unusual part!)-with what I thought was a big pacifier.  As I got closer, I was shocked to see the baby sucking on...ready for this?....that little baby was sucking on a big, fat, green jalapeño!!  Now, am I the only one that thinks this is odd?  I actually went up to the mother and asked about it.  She matter-of-factly told me "He always does that."

Ummmkay!  I only hope she actually bought it and didn't put it back when the baby was finished with it.  Ha!

Until tomorrow.

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