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I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that of all the classes I could possibly ever take or have taken, history and science just were never my cup of sweet tea.  And they never will be. 
I am taking a history of Mexico course this semester and let me tell you it has seriously kicked my butt!  And I'm not talking about a little scuffle either.  I'm talking about a knock-down, drag-out, no mercy, beat me to a pulp kind of beating.
I've stressed about this class and I'll even admit that I've lost some sleep worrying about any tests in this class, especially the big ones like the midterm I recently took or the final that is quickly approaching.
I have to mention how I have so much respect for anyone that was, is, or plans to someday major in either of these subjects. I really admire them big-time.

Well, today as class was ending, my professor handed back our midterms.  We took them a few weeks ago in "blue books," and the whole midterm was 3-intense parts.  The whole class took the whole hour to do the test and it was really challenging for me.
Before this midterm, I seriously had never heard of these blue books.  For those of you that don't know what it is:  it is basically just a blue book.  It's 4 sheets of loose-leaf paper stapled into a blue folder and they cost 25 cents.  I suppose some professors prefer those for tests so there is no way to cheat.
Anyway, I got mine back today and I started to shove it into my backpack without even opening it up.  I noticed the disappointment in some of my classmates' faces as they saw their grades, so  I planned to take a look at my grade in the privacy of my car, but my professor came up to me and gave me a high-five (!)
I really didn't understand why he would do that, but he told me to open it up and I did:

Telling you I was shocked is a gross understatement!  At best, I really did NOT expect anything higher than maybe a C.  I mean, this is a history class, for crying out loud!
I am proud of my work, of course, and I should probably learn to stop under-estimating myself.

Seeing my hard work pay off totally made my day and I may or may not have behaved like Jim Carrey in this clip:

When I got to my car.

Until tomorrow!

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