Dog tales

Our dog, Peditos has many traits.  First of all, he's really smart.  If asked, he sits, shakes, lays down, jumps hoops (pretty high too!) and hops.  He'll do these tricks any time of the day or night, you just need to be sure to have that treat in your hand for him! 

And he's so funny too.  When we lived on the farm, he actually stopped running like...well, like a dog and actually started hopping all of the time.  I couldn't figure out why he did this until I saw him chasing the rabbits in the field behind our house one day.   It was pretty funny seeing him and the rabbit hopping all over that field.  I guess he thought he was a rabbit for a while. ha!

Have I mentioned how he plays fetch by himself?  He does.  He'll drop a ball from the top of the stairs and chase it all the way down the stairs and then he'll carry it to the top again and drop it again and again.  He can literally entertain himself for a good 30 minutes by doing this.

Our dog is very well behaved too.  He's not a chewer or a digger (thank God!)  I seriously could not stand that.  So he's a really good dog and fits in perfectly with our family.

Oh, and he loves going anywhere in the car.  When he sees or hears us getting ready to leave, he runs to the door and patiently waits there for us to leave.  And once we're in the car, I've had to start locking the car windows while driving because he's learned to roll them down.  Before we're even a block away from our house, both windows in the back are down.   And just in case you're wondering, our SUV has power windows (:

Our dog is fiercely loyal and protective of us, he's so cute, and he's perfectly happy to lay at my feet 99.9% of the time and he loves to be petted....all the time.  If he sees your hand, he'll shove his head under it and force you to pet him.
He has a weird way of letting us know he needs to go outdoors.  He will literally run from about half a room away from the sliding door and crash his body into the glass about half way up the door!  How crazy is that?!  I've never seen a dog do that.  I just hope he never crashes into it hard enough for him to break the glass!

He definitely has lots of traits, but being a finicky eater was never one them.
Until now. 
The other day, the hubs bought dog food for Peditos on his way home from work and I filled his bowl the next day.
The hubs clearly didn't buy the right bag and my dog let me know this loud and clear.  Now, although my dog can't communicate with me by "talking," he sure got his point across.   He did this by actually picking through the dog food and only eating the ones he liked, including the really small nuggets and left behind the ones he didn't.

Crazy dog.

I guess that means I'm going to have to make a pitstop on my way home from class tonight to get the right dog food.  Gotta keep our furbaby happy,  right?

Have a great day!

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