Countdown starts NOW!

This week is my last week of classes, and next week is finals week.  Not that I'm, you know...counting down the days or anything. ha!
I found this on Pinterest the other day and if you were to ask my family, they will probably tell you they've never, ever, EVER seen me like this: 

I will admit that I've enjoyed most of this semester, but there are things I really wish were different.  Something in particular is one of my classes.  This class has been very challenging because this particular professor is always MIA.  Said professor (I'll call this professor SP) has other commitments elsewhere (allthefreakintime), so that means that we are given crazy assignments that nobody honestly knows how to do.  Plus it's very hard to reach SP during their absence know, ask a question about the crazy assignment or something.
This is also the class with my partner from H.E. double hockey sticks that makes my life just miserable.  And then these crazy assignments are due upon SP's return.  What bothers me is that my tuition dollars are used for SP's salary, and well, as Austin Powers would say..."SP wasn't there."
The other day I looked through my planner for this semester and counted 10 days that S.P. cancelled class because they were going to be gone. TEN days!  Diez dias!
If I were to be gone for ten days from a semester my professor would probably, I don't me!  You think?
There's actually a class offered next semester that I wanted to take until I saw the professor for the class. ha!  Fat chance.  The sad part is that SP is a wonderful, brilliant professor, when they're actually in class.

Ok.  I got that off of my chest.  This was probably the thing that annoyed me the most this semester.

But since I'm a "glass half-full" kinda gal, this semester is just about finished and I am so looking forward to the winter break.
I plan to recharge my batteries to start all over again in January, do some DIY projects (sew, paint, knit, make a bed for Tita), relax, bake, make tamales, sleep know, the awesome stuff!

I can't wait.  And the countdown starts NOW.
(:   Ok, ok...I  AM counting!

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