ER scare

With all the stress in my life the last couple months, I have made some decisions that may not work for everyone, and they may not agree with those decisions, but I think they will work for me and it is just something I have to do.
It started noticing changes in the way I was feeling about 8 months ago.  Then, a couple months ago I was almost to the point that I couldn't function as I should have.  During this time, I seriously considered quitting school and just curling up into a ball on the couch and feel sorry for myself.  But I didn't.
I struggled terribly with school, housework, my children started complaining about me never having the time or energy to do anything with them, the hubs started complaining too and I just felt like I was losing control of everything.  I didn't go to the doctor to find out what was wrong because I didn't even have time for that!
Until last Tuesday.

I ended up at the emergency room of our local hospital and after too many tests to count including ultrasounds, gallons of blood drawn to test for everything under the sun, and other tests that made me lose every ounce of dignity, I finally was beginning to get some answers.  They weren't the answers I was hoping for, and I was actually very scared because I was told I had a tumor.  My mind immediately thought of the C word.  I would cry myself to sleep thinking of awful things.  It was bad.

Since the ER visit, I have had two additional appointments with my family doctor and it was determined that all of my misery the last few months are because of my overactive thyroid.  And stress was causing my thyroid to act even crazier.  Oh, and I was also anemic.
I kind of thought I might be anemic because I was craving ice like crazy.  I couldn't get enough of the taste and smell of ice.  Yeah, crazy!
It turned out that the tumor is so small and it wasn't anything to worry about and it doesn't even need to be removed (!)  My doctor said that he will just keep checking me periodically to make sure it doesn't grow.  The doctor's orders also included no stress!

So now I am on iron pills and something else that was prescribed, plus I have to go back next week to finally get on meds for my thyroid.
It boggles my mind to discover just how much my thyroid controls my body.  It is amazing.
I'm finally starting to feel better and it feels awesome.  God is good.

After much thought, I have decided that I will only go to school part time next semester and just take it easy.  If I'm even healthier at the end of the summer, I might be able to go back to school full-time.  And if I'm not, that's ok.  I'll just wait and see.

This semester is just about over, I have two finals next week and then I have an entire month off.  I'm excited!  Next semester, I'm only scheduled for two classes.  This means less stress and more time for my family.  I'm really looking forward to that!

Life is good (:

Have a great weekend!!

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