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I've always been intrigued by genealogy and all the awesome sauce associated with it.  I find it so fascinating to discover anything about my ancestors because well, nobody in my family seems to care or find the time to do it.  I'm hoping it's the latter.  It's funny because anytime my mom or aunts and uncles are around, I'll pick their brains for any bit of information they can offer to help me piece together the great big puzzle that is our family history.  It is, after all, our history and it's important that it gets documented somewhere and not forgotten.  I figure that as difficult as it has been for me to find this information out, future generations would have an even harder time doing it.  I also love any old pictures I can get my hands on.  They are my absolute favorite.  I love looking at old pictures of the older generations in my family when they were children.  This is probably the reason I love photography so much.  Creating memories.

And now, the ever-addicting Pinterest has put beautiful inspirations for DIY family trees like this one available for me to drool over:
I love the simplicity of this one.  Or this one:


I also love this one because of the straight lines and the handwriting.

And I LOVE the one above because it is an incredible list of somebody's family members.  Isn't it simply beautiful??!! I think Yes!

On Pinterest you can even find some websites you can go to and have a family tree made for you.  I would have loved to have just send a list of all of my family members off to have my family tree custom-made, but they are expensive!

I refrained from doing this for two reasons:
 a)I love any DIY project, and b) I'm cheap.  (:

So I did it myself.  It really wasn't too difficult and although I'm only about 98% finished with it, I decided to go ahead and do a post about it.
Here is my version of my family tree on my mom's side of my family:
I am amazed at how large my mom's family really is!  I remember a family reunion we had some years back and we actually had it for an entire week (!) and were able to do so many activities with everyone.  And because there were so many of us there, it was so much fun...visiting with so many cousins, aunts and uncles and nobody wanted to go home.  I will definitely be planning another reunion soon.

It's hard to see on the picture, but the "ground" is actually a poem I found online that I thought was pretty fitting.
I love it, and I plan to have it framed and matted for my mom.
I also plan to update it every year.

Have any of you made a family tree lately?  You should. (:

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