I must say that this post makes me nauseous.  Even more so?  That it is a true story.

To say Tuesday was an eventful day is an understatement.  The day started normal with the kids getting off to school.  That's probably the only "normal" part of our day.
It happened to be the hubs' day off, I had a busy day ahead of me with school, so I was getting ready.  I had a presentation that afternoon for my advertising class and I planned on wearing a skirt and heels, so you can guess what that meant...digging a razor out of the drawer and (gasp!) shave my legs.  It wasn't that bad, I mean, they weren't long enough to braid or anything. (:
Anyway, I jumped in the shower, shaved and was doing my hair and makeup when the hubs knocked on the door and told me that the school nurse had called to say that Marko had "hurt his eye" and was in her office.


He told me that the nurse had assured him that Marko was fine and she was sending him back to class.  I imagined normal recess stuff and thought maybe someone had elbowed him while playing football or something.

I finished getting ready but didn't change into the skirt yet because I had a couple hours before I had to leave.  Again...for me to be ready a few hours ahead of time is definitely NOT normal.
About an hour and a half later, I got another call from the nurse.  She proceeded to tell me that "Marko's cut on his eye is really bothering him."
Me:  "What cut??!!"
She then tells me that he has a cut on his eyelid starting in the inside corner and that it's about an inch and a half long.  I asked her to please have him waiting in the office to be signed out because I had 30 minutes to get to class.
The hubs and I jumped into the car and took off to pick up our son.
When we got to the school, I waited in the car and the hubs went to sign Marko out of school.
Marko comes to the car and I saw his cut and asked him how it happened.  He told me that kids in his math class were throwing stuff at each other and he was hit with what he thought was a golf ball!!!
Oh. My. Gosh.  I was LIVID!!

We took him to Urgent Care because I thought he needed stitches and was even more pissed off because the nurse didn't tell us about the cut the first time she called.
Needless to say, I didn't go to my first class.

I called one of my partners from my presentation and asked her to please let our professor know where I was, and to ask if we could present either first or last.  Our presentation was a HUGE project and we would present for 30 minutes (!)
I figured if we presented first, I would leave Marko with his dad at Urgent Care, I would drive to school for the presentation and then I would drive back to pick them up.
So I raced to the university, did our presentation and raced back.
After we'd been home about an hour, I left Marko home with his dad and my mom took ME  and Gabriella to the Emergency Room because I was so sick.
What a day!!
We got home about 11 p.m. and went to bed.

Well, yesterday, I marched into the office with my children and demanded that Marko be moved from his math class.  I don't like confrontations, but when it comes to my children, you just don't mess with them because then I have to  get my confrontation panties on and get things done.

This is the second time I have had Marko moved from his math class.  Same teacher, just different period.  The first time I had him moved was because the kids in that class were so out of control that Marko would come home and complain every single day of how they would:
1. Swear at the teacher.
2. THROW stuff around the room (like pencils, glue sticks, crayons, FOOD,etc.)
3. Be as out of control as those crazy movies you see where the kids are jumping on the desks, etc.  


Marko also told me that the teacher, while writing on the chalkboard has glue sticks thrown at her with the lids off (!!!) and that they sometimes stick to the chalkboard.  And what would she do??  She'd continue to write AROUND the glue stick.
What the HELL??!!

The teacher confirmed that yes, Marko was telling me the truth.  (Can you BELIEVE this??!!)
My husband sat in on class a couple times and he was disgusted with the teacher and the class.  The teacher told me that Marko was one out of about 5 kids that were very well-behaved and respectful, but that the other monsters were completely out of control.
Marko and Gabriella both have told me how this behavior does NOT happen in any other class, only that math class.  How is this possible?  How is it possible for the entire rest of the teachers to have complete control over their classrooms except this one?

So Marko was moved and things seemed to be better.  Until Tuesday.
I told the counselor very sternly that the class behavior was completely unacceptable and that something needed to be done NOW.
The counselor was disgusted with what was going on and promised to get to the bottom of it.
I told the counselor (the principal was not in) that I was not leaving until my son was moved from that class.  So he was.
I expressed how shocked I am that this behavior happened at all and I am even more shocked that those monsters are even allowed to even attend school.  They obviously are not there to learn, and it isn't fair to the kids that actually want to learn to be subjected to such an environment.
I also told the counselor how, as a parent, my job is to protect my children and that when they are in school, that responsibility falls on his teachers' shoulders.  And that I was angry that his math teacher failed to protect him and the other normal kids.
My poor son now will have a scar on his eyelid for being in class.

Needless to say, I will be at the next school board meeting.

I don't like to swear on my blog, but seriously, What the hell is wrong with people?  What kind of world do we live in?  And more importantly, Who are the parents of these inbred, monsters that terrorize a classroom??

Oh, and have I mentioned the fact that this is a middle school??

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