Cathedral pillow!

I found a tutorial a while back on my crazy addiction called Pinterest.  And I bookmarked and pinned thinking..."I'll do that someday."  HA!
I have tons of those "someday" projects and I seriously think I'm buying the wrong calendars and planners because "Someday" is never on them!  Weirdest thing ever..

Well, yesterday, the heavens parted and 'lo and behold, that someday was here!

I can't tell you how much I'd been missing my sewing machine.  I was having big-time withdrawals because I totally envisioned myself sewing tons of projects during the three glorious months of my summer break.  But it didn't happen because my old machine broke during finals week  and I was without it all. summer. long.

Then a few days before the current semester started, my hubs surprised me with a brand new sewing machine.  I was so thrilled!  But I couldn't use it because I was busy getting myself and the kids ready for this school year, so with a heavy heart, I put it away.  Until yesterday.  I excitedly pulled it out and dusted it off (wish I were kidding), grabbed my huge stash of fabric and got started.   Here is the tutorial I'd been drooling over for quite a long time, and here is my version:

The awesome tutorial is for a pincushion but I wanted an actual pillow, so I just super-sized the measurements by eyeballing it and by some miracle, it worked (:

I love how "happy" it turned out.  I decided the only place deserving of such a beautiful pillow was Gabriella's bed.  And my baby girl loves it!

It sure felt good to forego homework for just one day and actually do something fun! (:

Until tomorrow!!


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