A day late and a dollar short.

My schedule for school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday is only two classes; however, these two classes are back to back, but in different buildings on campus.  The distance between the two buildings is about three blocks.  This distance isn't even a problem because it has never caused me to be late to my second class, and besides, the walk is good for me and campus is just so darn pretty.  It's a Win-Win situation (:
The only "problem" I have is that immediately after my second class, I literally have to race back to my car, which I park on the other side of the building where my first class is held.  Does this make sense?   I hope so.  The reason I am in such a hurry to leave is because the way my schedule is set up, the parking pass I buy every day for these classes expires anywhere from just a few minutes after I get out of my second class to even 15 minutes, depending on the time the professor ends class.

Have I totally confused you on this "first class/second class" stuff?  I hope not.  (:

Anyway, the reason I only have a few minutes to get to my car afterward is that I'm too cheap to pay for another hour each of these 3 days because I don't "need" a whole hour.   

I had a test in my history class today, which is my second class in the far building.  After the test and lecture, I quickly packed up my stuff and was ready to race out the door, but my professor stopped me to talk about a few questions I had about the syllabus before class began(!!)  He answered my questions and I took off.  I knew the chances of getting a ticket was pretty slim because there are lots and lots (and lots) of cars in the parking lot, and I did have a parking pass, but still I hurried.

About a block away from my car, I saw the tell-tale yellow envelope wedged under my windshield wiper that contained this:

Can you believe I got a $30 ticket because "Dispenser Permit Required Expired" ??!!

Want to know the worst of it?  This ticket has a time stamp on it that shows 15:27:05.

And my parking pass expired at 3:23.

Yeah.  So technically, this post should be changed to read: 4 minutes late and $30 short.

Until tomorrow.

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