Crock-Pot fail

Dear Rival (makers of my Crock-Pot),

Yesterday morning I put a huge pork roast in my big roaster and then decided to put a Crock-Pot of pinto beans to cook also. I quickly sorted and rinsed the beans, cranked up my beautiful, red Crock-Pot as high as the dial would allow, added the seasoning and thought how great it was to make such a delicious dinner so quickly and easily.
I planned on warming up some corn tortillas, maybe making some rice, and asking the hubs to make a batch of the awesome salsa he makes.  Easy dinner, right? 

Since I had dinner covered, I finished up some homework and then left for a few hours to help my mom paint a room in her house.  When I got home last night, I was literally expecting to only have to do a few things to get dinner on the table, but was so disappointed to find that the only part of dinner that was "done" was the roast.
The beans were still completely raw.  Now, they had been in the Crock-Pot all day long, so I was very annoyed to see the pot full of raw beans.  I initially thought I had forgotten to plug it in (Not that I have ever done that, it was simply a process of elimination.)
Well, imagine how much more annoyed I was when I discovered that it was plugged in!

Our dinner was ruined.
Plan B? Tuna sandwiches.

About 11 p.m., I checked the beans again and they were still raw.  I finally decided to turn the dial all the way off and back on high again.  But this time, I actually got thisfreakingclose to the dial as I turned it.
I was instantly PO'd at the sneaky, mean people you have working for you.
Did you know they actually designed the dial to trick us moms that bought your product in an attempt to make our lives easier??!!  How dare you!

You know how every dial (well, everyone's except perhaps your dial) turns from left to right, with OFF being the furthest setting on the left, and HIGH is at the opposite end?  Well, your people thought they would be funny and switch things up a bit.  That's right.  Your dial looks like this:
See what I mean?  The dial settings from left to right is Off, Low, High and Warm.
Wait, what?!

My pot of beans probably would have taken a month to fully cook on "Warm."    Really?!  This is my third Crock-Pot and all of their dials were normal until this one.  You can bet that from now on, if I'm ever in the market for anything that comes with a dial, that's the first thing I will check.  It will be the deciding factor on whether or not I purchase the item. You can't be too careful, you know.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have the Warm setting immediately after Off?  Like right smack in the middle of Off and Low?  I think yes.  Or better yet, just eliminate the whole "Warm" setting because this is probably a dumb question, but isn't Warm and Low basically the same thing?  Just wondering.

I just want you to know that I'm on to your little conspiracy.  And I don't appreciate it.  You can tell your sneaky engineers that the joke is over and that all of the dinner fails they are responsible for are not funny!  At all.


(Until Tomorrow!)

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