Veteran's Day 2012

Sunday was officially Veteran's Day but since it fell on a Sunday, yesterday was the national holiday when some people got the day off in honor of this special day.

As a kid, I remember my favorite uncle Joe being drafted and going to Vietnam.  I was very young then, like 5, so at that time I didn't understand the significance of the draft or even what war was.
Of course I understand it now as an adult.

I remember back then how all the adults were glued to the television news every day and praying for all the soldiers' safety.

When I was little and my Uncle Joe was drafted, I remember Ama (my grandmother) praying for all her family, but she'd say extra prayers for my Uncle Joe to return home safely.  And he did!
A big Welcome Home celebration and dance was held for him and everyone was so proud and happy!  That was one of a few times I actually saw Ama dressed up real fancy schmancy.  She looked beautiful!!
That was also one of a few times I actually saw her cry, but these were happy tears of course, because her son was home.  What a fantastic day it was!

During the long time my Uncle Joe was overseas, he used to write home all the time.  He'd sometimes send small gifts too.
I will never forget one time he sent home a box with letters, pictures and a little box for me.  I carefully opened it up and inside was the most beautiful and unique ring I had ever seen. It was silver and it kind of looked like a tiny belt and you could actually adjust it to fit your finger by either tightening or loosening the little buckle.  I absolutely L-O-V-E-D it.  And it was very special to me.  I proudly wore it all the time and I remember I felt so happy and special that my Uncle Joe had bought it for me all the way from Vietnam!  This was the very first piece of jewelry I had ever owned and I planned on wearing it forever.
You know how I've told you of how we moved all the time growing up?  Well, you can imagine how heartbroken I was when it got lost during one of our many moves.  I was devastated.

Well, not too long ago I walked into a Michael Kors store in Cherry Creek and saw one almost identical to my special ring from so long ago.
It looked like this:
Isn't it beautiful?!  I remember almost choking up at seeing this ring.
Maybe I'll buy it for myself someday.  Maybe for my birthday (: 

 This is a picture of Uncle Joe.  It is a very old picture and it is not the original, so it is very grainy:
Uncle Joe is my Hero.  He was one of my father figures and he was amazing. He has since passed, but he will always have a special place in my heart.  I am so proud of him for serving his country.  And I miss him so much.

On this Veteran's Day I salute Uncle Joe, along with all the other amazing men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedom.  I appreciate every one of them.

Until tomorrow!

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