Really, CNN?

I am livid at the biased reporting from CNN regarding the trial in Steubenville, Ohio.

Two teenage boys were on trial for raping a 16-year-old girl.

The boys were found guilty and sentenced to the Department of Youth Services for a minimum of one year and a maximum period being until they reach the age of 21.
CNN correspondent, Poppy Harlow reports of how incredibly emotional and difficult it was for her to watch this because "...these two young men, with such promising futures, star football players, very good students, blah blah blah.
She then continues to describe how one of the boys collapsed (and yes, she totally emphasized that word) into his attorney's arms because "their lives fell apart."  Then she continues with the sympathy card and mentions how one of the boys' father had never said "I love you" to his son before.  

Really?!  What about the VICTIM??  Don't you think HER life fell apart after this rape?  What about her promising future?  Harlow never once mentions if this girl was a good student.  That apparently wasn't important enough to report on.  All we know about her is that she was drunk.  That fact is told over and over again.

Harlow is so disgusting in her plea for sympathy for these two convicted rapists that the victim is mentioned as an afterthought!  I understand she was drunk. Harlow points out a few times of the "alcohol-fueled" party.
The fact remains that she was DRUNK, which means she was incapable of giving her consent to have sex.  And they raped her.  And she was videotaped and in our day and age, you can imagine how quickly that video was distributed.

This girl is someone's daughter, granddaughter, friend, perhaps someone's sister.  She deserves everyone's support to heal from what these "stars" did to her.
But she continues to be victimized even after these "stars with a promising future" are convicted.

Come on CNN...Who cares that they were high school football stars?  Yes...WERE.

I don't think registered sex offenders have a chance at the NFL.

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