Time, please slow down

I was going through old pictures of the kids the other day on the computer and couldn't help but wish I could somehow rewind time.  Much like you would on a VCR, or in our day and age...your TV.  (:

I was lucky enough to be a SAHM from day one and I loved it!  I wouldn't trade those precious years with my kids for anything.
I had the career before becoming pregnant with Marko, but during my maternity time off of work, I just could not bring myself to leave him.  So I didn't.
Marko was barely 10 months old when I became pregnant with Gabriella, so returning to work wasn't even a thought.
  It was a true blessing to have the opportunity to raise my kids and witness their first everything, and it was wonderful.
Something that really stands out in my mind is that everyone I spoke with back then all told me the same thing:

 "Enjoy them now because they grow so fast."  

And you know what?
They weren't kidding.

It is really hard to accept the fact that this fall, my Marko will be a freshman in high school

This Fall also means that Gabriella will begin her last year of middle school!
You know, the days of loading and unloading strollers from the car and buckling up the kiddos in their car seats really doesn't seem that long ago, but of course, the calendar tells me otherwise.

Every day, I see how how they've grown to be amazing kids and I am so proud of who and what they have become.

I know they will keep growing and becoming more and more independent.

But to me, they will always be my babies.

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