Aunt Connie

A week ago today, my mom spoke to my Aunt Connie by telephone and my mom grew very concerned for her because my aunt sounded very ill.  My mom instructed my aunt's granddaughter to get her to the hospital immediately.  My beloved aunt was admitted to the hospital and unfortunately, died the next morning.  Just like that, she was gone.  No one was more shocked than I at the horrible turn of events.
I have so many memories of my sweet aunt and I will sure miss her.  Aunt Connie was my  mom's sister.
Everyone I'm related to that went to Texas for any reason, always stopped by Aunt Connie's.

My mom, my kids and I left Wednesday to attend her funeral and I was flooded with memories of her beautiful smile, her laugh and her hugs.  A slideshow played at her service and literally 95% of the photos of her were taken in her kitchen and she always had a huge smile on her face.  It made sense to see all those pictures of her in her kitchen because everyone that ever came to her door was invited in to eat.  Always.

I saw all of my family except for maybe a handful.  She had so many people that love her so very much.

I ask that if anyone reads this, please pray for my mom and all of her siblings.  Pray that God heal their broken hearts and that they find comfort in the memories they have of their beautiful sister.  Pray for her daughter, Diana, her son Sammy and her 7 beautiful grandchildren.  Pray they always remember the love she had for every single one of them.
And pray for eternal rest for my aunt.

I love you Aunt Connie.  Rest in Peace.



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