Time Capsule!

This semester has been, somewhat stressful.  Ok, let's be honest.  It's been brutal.
Everything was ok until my French professor fell while I was handing in my homework...yeah.  Complete wipe-out!
Well, she's HATED me ever since.  I think she blames me and I'm not too optimistic about passing the class, unfortunately.
Oh well...
So with less than a month left until this semester is over, (Thank God!) I can't tell you how happy I am.  Although I will surely miss the rest of my classes.  I love the others.
Well, tonight, the hubs and I hung out in his man-cave.....(the garage.)
And we put Pandora on.  And I'm lovin' it!!  I set it to Paul Davis.  And it's nothing short of Wonderawesometastic!  (Yes, that IS a word!..just in case you were wondering.) (:
Here's Paul Davis' classic, Sweet Life:

What a beautiful song.  Thank you Paul for bringing me such sweet memories with your beautiful voice.  Rest In Peace...
We may or may not have spiked my Sonic Strawberry Limeaide.  I'll never tell....cause it's a school night and all...
I seriously feel as though I've been placed, very carefully, mind you, in a time capsule and shot straight back to the late 70s and early 80s.  Ahhhh.
We've listened to this:

Yvonne Elliman.  She's awesome.
Here's Randy VanWarmer's hit:

Just When I Needed You Most.  Classic.
 We also heard this:

Samantha Sang.  I tell ya...there's nothing quite like 80s music.  Nosireeeee. (:
Pandora knows what I lOvE and was so wonderful in placing this in the queue:

We heard some Hall & Oates (of course), The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, Toto, Billy Joel, Journey, Foreigner, Stephen Bishop,Chicago and of course, REO Speedwagon:

Take It On The Run.  Makes you remember EVERYTHING from your youth...
How about Chicago's Love Me Tomorrow:

Love Me Tomorrow by Chicago.  Wow.
This takes me right back to my early teens.  Best music ever.  I seriously am blessed to have spent my teen years listening to the best music ever made.  Not kidding!

If you were lucky enough to have grown up with such great music, who can forget this classic by Styx?:

Of course, I couldn't post my favorite songs without mentioning this beautiful song by the one and only,Meatloaf:

We also heard The Bee Gees.  I wasn't able to post their videos because for some crazy reason, they are blocked.  Boooo.
Thank you Pandora!  I love you for that trip down memory lane.  Takes me back to that magical era I called middle school, hanging out with my bestest friend Eleanor.

Gotta go....got school tomorrow and it's past my bedtime (:
See?  I told you.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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