Déjà vu!

You probably know that Colorado was blasted with another snow storm last night...right?  Well, we were.
And you probably remember my post from last week's snow storm...right?  If not, you can read all about it right here.

Last week it started snowing pretty heavily on Tuesday evening, and continued snowing

A-L-L      N-I-G-H-T         L-O-N-G.

We got so much snow, in fact, that it caused lots of schools (and a few universities!)  to declare a SNOW DAY on Wednesday.....which, of course, resulted in lots of kids, and some (cough, cough) adults (cough) pure happiness because we had the luxury of sleeping in (:

Well, here we are one week later, and the snow started up again last night.  Which was Tuesday!  So the kids' school closed again today!  The kids' school closed because of a power outage, and they figured the kids probably wouldn't learn much.....in the dark.  And with no heat.
So even though school is out today because of the power outage, technically today is STILL a snow day because we have tons of snow outside again (which caused the outage) and the kids are home yet again. And it's Wednesday...  Hence, the blog title.

Oh, and the university didn't declare today a snow day; however, they announced to stay home if you "feared your safety"....Uh....HECK YEAH!!!

It was a bummer that even with all of the snow, the hubs still had to work today....boooo.

Oh, well.  I have some homework to do before Monday that I could work on right now.  Naaaaaaaah!.........................I think I'll pop some popcorn and climb back into bed with the kiddos and have a "Back To The Future" marathon! HA!

Have a great day!!


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