Halloween 2011

Today is a) the last day of the month, so that means that it is also b) Halloween.  But more importantly, Laura is tWeNtY-oNe today!!  I wrote her a birthday letter earlier today...remember? (:
Well, those of you that read this blog (thank you) know that Laura's birthday also marks the final event in our family's very eventful Octobers.  So eventful, in fact, we have renamed the month.  It's officially called Broketober in our household (: 

A recap of our "normal" Octobers:
Oct. 1: The hubs' and my anniversary;
Oct. 2: Ivan's birthday
Oct. 27: Marko's birthday
Oct. 31: Laura's birthday AND Halloween.  This, of course, means I have to make the kids' costumes....Yeah.  I'm one of THOSE moms (:

I haven't written of the fact that we just moved.  We did.  (And that will certainly have a post soon.)  And let me tell you what a HUGE job that was.  Wow.
And since our life is crazy, (Have I told you how it was very easy to come up with the blog name?).... not only did we move, but.....Can you guess which month we chose to move??  Can you?
Yep....Of course, only we would choose to uproot our family In OCTOBER!  That's Life Silva style...I'm tellin' ya! 

Well, this year's October was somewhat easier, as in less sTrEsSfUlL.  And that would be because now that Marko and Tita are both in middle school, this is the first year in many, many years that I didn't have 2 Halloween parties to buy or bake for and attend and make costumes for(!)  I remember spending the first half of the school party in one classroom with about 40 sugar-induced kids (!) (I'm counting the classroom + smaller siblings of said classroom!) and then immediately going down the hall to my other child's classroom party for the second half and do it all over again.  I used to leave so frazzled.  I wonder why....
(With the kids growing up, can I admit that I actually miss those days?? ) (sigh..)

As I mentioned above, today is Laura's birthday...as in, she's all grown up now.  But that's not all:
I was excited that the hubs was getting out of work early today so he could join the kids and I in trick-or-treating.  But sadly, Marko and Tita are also growing up.  Marko refused to wear a costume this year and we gave him permission to go with a couple friends here:

Yep, a corn maze.  I just talked to him on the phone and he said he had a BLAST!

Tita also was not home tonight.  She left right after school with her BFF Claire to trick-or-treat.

 So that left us old people at home with John Wayne, aka Peditos:

It makes me sad that Marko decided that since he's 13 now, he was not going to wear a costume.  Since I make the kids their costumes each year, it means a lot to me.  These are just a few of the costumes I've made the kids:
(There are more, but after the month we've had, I'm just too tired to search my computer for them.)

Tita as Dorothy (3rd grade):
 Marko as Indiana Jones (4th grade):
 Tita as Cleopatra (5th grade):
Tita as the flapper girl from the 20s (this year):
I love making their costumes.  I'm cheap when it comes to spending on stuff like costumes, so I never spend more than $10 on fabric or some cheap accessory.  I'm too cheap to even spend on the pattern, so these were made completely pattern-free. (:  And the kids always love the results.

 I remember some years back, it was the day before Halloween and Marko had just turned 4.  He was sitting in his car seat in the backseat.  He was telling someone I was giving a ride to how excited he was to go trick-or-treating the next day.  She asked him what his costume was-- and he told her she had to guess.  He told her he would give her one clue: the first letter of what his costume was, but she had to figure it out.  So the guessing game began and it went something like this:

Marko: "My costume starts with a B."
Woman: "Are you going to be Batman?
Marko: "No." (and he giggles so sweetly..)

Woman: "Are you going to be a Bronco football player?"
Marko: "No." (more giggles.)

Woman: "Are you going to be a Bumblebee?"
Marko: "No."  (He couldn't contain his laughter by now.)

Woman: "Are you going to be a Buffalo?"
Marko: "No." (giggle some more.)

Woman: "I give up, Marko!...I can't figure it out!  I've guessed all the B words I can think of!"
Marko: "Ok, ok.....I'll tell you now.....
I'm going to be a BAMPIRE!" (vampire!)

I laughed so hard!!  That was the cutest thing in the whole world!  I love my boy (:

So there you have my recap of our whirlwind of a month.  Whew...it's enough to make your head spin, right?!

Guess what??!! I just realized that when I wake up tomorrow morning, it'll be NOVEMBER!!!! That means the hubs and I can take a breather before we do it all again for Christmas! (:

So, are you cheap like me and do you make your costumes?  If so, what costumes did you make?  Oh, and do you have an absolutely crazy month like we do? Or is that just life, Silva style?

Happy Halloween!!

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