Sundays Fundays (:

Last week, the girls and I talked of getting together to take some family pics.  We decided on Sunday of last week because that seemed to be the day that worked for all of us.  Well, all of us except Ivan.  I think he was helping his girlfriend Maggie with her horses, so he didn't go.
It turned into a fun afternoon and here are the pics we took that day:
  My favorite girls (:
 "Did someone blink??"  (My camera ALWAYS asks me that whenever I take a picture of the hubs or Tita!.....hmmm...I wonder why?)
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic!
 Laura and her little man J (:
 Can you believe it??!! The ONE picture where my hubby actually has his eyes wide open, he's NOT looking at the camera!!!

This picture captures Lynette perfectly!
This picture is too cute!

 Marko found this little guy in the grass..
And the hubs carved our initials into the tree.  It reads: R y A...awwww.
This is the way it is done in Mexico because y = +, or and.  So it works for me (:

We have another Sunday Funday in the works as soon as Ivan can join us.  Hopefully soon, while the leaves are still in their colorful stage!  So Ivan, if you happen to read this, please work your family into your busy schedule! (:

Have a happy week!  And only 2 days left til Taco Tuesday!!


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