It's that time know, for my regularly scheduled photo dump!  This is necessary every now and then because it's amazing how quickly my memory card fills up!  Only this time, it is a ity-bity mini-dump.  This is because these are the only pics on the memory card and it's telling me that it is out of memory!      I think I need a new one because it does crazy things like it will tell me it is out of memory with only like 8-15 pictures on it, or it will show "no images" on my screen-but when I try to upload to my computer, 1200+ pictures come up, or it will HIDE my pictures!!  It is very frustrating!  I'll probably buy one this weekend..

Oh, and these photos are in no particular order.  So if you think you will be bored with just simply viewing these few pics, come back tomorrow when I'll be back to regular programming, posting :

This is a pic the hubs and I took before going to dinner and a movie on our anniversary.  I may or may not have elbowed him during the movie a time or two because he was snoring!!


 This next pic was taken Saturday on the pickup.  I have no idea what this is, but  I'm telling you, I have seen every kind of insect, arachnid and reptile since living here!  Ewwww.
 And this is what I found when I came home from school.  Peditos rebels when he's left home alone. 

I think we may need a sitter for our fur-baby!  Does anyone know what the going rate is these days??


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