French Fry Fingers

While running errands today, the kids and I swung by McDonald's.  I know, I know...not the healthiest meal around, but we really don't go too often.

Anyway, right after we got our order, Tita told me the order wasn't complete, so I drove around again and Marko and I waited outside while Tita went inside for the missing items.
Marko started eating his french fries, when he suddenly yelled out in pain.

I instantly knew why.

Me: "Let me bit your fingers?"
Marko: "Yeah, did you know?!" (complete with an embarrassed grin)
Me: "Because you do that every single time you eat fries."

I wish I were kidding.  Every time my kids have ever eaten french fries, they inadvertently bite their fingers!  I remember many times when they were small, we would go through the drive through to get some french fries on the way home from Denver, for instance. The kids would be in their car seats in the back seat and like clock work,  you would suddenly hear one or both of them start crying.  I would turn around to see what was wrong, and sure enough, they were holding their little hands out for me to kiss their owies and make it all better.  I'll never forget their big crocodile tears rolling down their beautiful little faces while they kept chewing those stupid french fries!

At the time, I thought they would surely outgrow this, but at their ages, it doesn't seem very likely that they will.

I think I'll advise them to refrain from eating french fries while out on a date! (:

Just any of your kids do this?

Have a great Thursday!!

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