Just desserts..

My baby Gabriella has been a little Betty Crocker ever since she was very little.  She lOvEs to bake and unfortunately for our diets, she suddenly whips up these delicious desserts for us to enjoy. UGH..

She certainly doesn't have to twist our arms to eat her creations because they always taste fantastic..

Well, today she decided to make something "a little healthier"...HA!  (Try saying that to my shorts that suddenly start feeling a little snug!)

Today she made these and it didn't require the oven:
 She gathered the few ingredients she needed and started


 She was literally finished in 5 minutes, just like the recipe said.
 And after a little over an hour later: 
As Dora would say: "Mmmm....Delicioso!" (:

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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