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You know how babies are exposed to different foods when they reach the mushed-up baby food and finally solid foods age?  And you know how new mamas excitedly try the different fruits and vegetables to experiment with their baby to see which one the baby prefers?
And you know how those mamas may or may not sneak a taste of that baby food while feeding said baby?  Especially the mushed-up bananas??
What?!  You didn't?  You know you did!
Well anyway, apparently, my mom never received that memo.

Seriously.  I'm not sure why, but I never grew up tasting very many things as a kid.  My taste buds were deprived BIG TIME.
I sure as heck remember tasting different candy though, and I definitely had my favorites.  This I know because I actually remember it.  One of my earliest memories had me on the bike with my uncle Joe and he was taking me to the little store about half a block away to buy candy.    It's surprising I didn't grow up obese with my weird eating habits!
I think, well, actually I remember eating beans, rice and tortillas a lot growing up.  HA!
First of all, I wish to clarify that I was very, very blessed to have been raised with my Ama (grandma).  She was the epitome of what a grandmother should be and I absolutely know how very lucky I was to have spent so much time with her and to be able to still have vivid memories of her smile, laugh and hugs.  I have lots of cousins that don't have one memory of her because either they were babies when Ama passed, or they simply were born after she passed.  Anyway, beans, rice and tortillas were on the table in some variety at every single meal.  We ate meat, of course, but we ate it with the rice, beans and tortillas.  Plus, we'd eat lots of veggies from Ama's garden.

This is probably difficult for you to believe and you're probably thinking "Yeah, whatever!" or "That isn't possible!" when I tell you just how deprived my poor taste buds were.

I was almost 4 years old the first time I tasted marshmallows.  I wish I were kidding!  This I clearly remember because I ate almost the whole damned bag!  I was in the car with Ama and Apa, aunts, uncles and cousins and we were driving to the mountains.  One of my cousins had the bag and I just couldn't get enough of it.  I also remember getting sick on that stupid bag of marshmallows.  I'll spare you the details.
Growing up, I'm sure I ate an enchilada or two because, I mean, I'm Mexican. HA!
I remember not caring for the cheese in them.  And I remember the cheese being the half-circle, dark orange cheese.  Not very appealing if you open the fridge to get a snack, right?
So I wasn't a huge fan of cheese until I was 15 and living with one of my favorite aunts in Alliance.  Her name is also Rose and she was gracious enough to allow me to stay with her and her family for a while.
I clearly remember (and I'll bet even she remembers if you ask her!) about how I used to eat ALL of her sandwich cheese.  I did.  She just couldn't keep any in her fridge.  Just as soon as she'd buy it, it was gone.
It was entirely Aunt Rose's fault though because she always bought this one:
This stuff is flippin' delicious!  I remember I was instantly in love.  I had honestly never, ever tasted it before.  Weird?  Ummmm YEAH!
One thing I don't remember is if I was big-time constipated during this cheese-eating binge.  I probably was, just don't remember it (:

I can honestly say that up until that time, I had never had a slice of sandwich cheese.  WTH?
Another way my Aunt Rose hooked me up for the first time was, are you ready for this?
Macaroni and Cheese.
That's right.  I had never tasted Mac & Cheese.  Ever.  And by this time, I was sixteen years old!!  I mean, come on, kids grow up on this stuff!  But I didn't.
It was Thanksgiving and my Aunt Rose made dinner and everything was so good.  I remember being passed the big bowl of Mac & Cheese and saying I didn't want any because "It looked gross."
Well, I went ahead and took a little taste and my love affair with cheese started all over again.  Thanks, Aunt Rose!  I think of you each and every time I serve Mac & Cheese to my family or when I see the display of Kraft Singles in the grocery aisle. Seriously.

Years later, the hubs introduced me to his beloved poppy seed muffins.  Again, I thought those looked nasty and never wanted any when he'd offer me one.
Oh Em Gee are those suckers GOOD.  Again, I had never tasted it before.  And I never would have taken it upon myself to try them

Well, my little Betty Crocker, aka Tita made these today: 

 Poppy seed Muffins!!!

I allowed myself to eat one (or two) because my taste buds still have lots of catching up to do.  I'm just wondering, was I the only person raised with my taste buds so deprived??  Please tell me!

Never mind the horrible quality of these pictures, I took them with Marko's Ipod because I didn't have my camera on hand.

Oh, and just to clarify: These were the Muffin Tops I was referring to by the title of this post, and NOT something else...just in case you were wondering.

Have an awesome day! (:

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